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We provide MCAT prep courses and private tutoring for a fraction of the industry norm.

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Laureano was an amazing teacher. I found him 5-6 weeks before my test date so I was crunching, but I was able to raise my previous MCAT score to a score that I am now proud of thanks to The MCAT Disciples.

— Ivy O.

Course Features

What Makes Us Special

It is a combination of three major things.

World-Class Content Lectures

There is not a soul, school, or company in the world that our content-creator and professor Laureano Andrade Vicenty could not go head-to-head with when it comes to teaching.


Student-Teacher Mentorship Relations

We would go to the end of the earth to make sure our students understand and obtain the discipline, time management, and study skills they need to score extremely well on the MCAT.


Private Tutoring at an Affordable Price

Our private tutoring rates start at $20/hour as part of our online course AND includes content lectures. You would be hard-pressed to find a cheaper rate anywhere else at this level of quality.



On Demand MCAT Prep Course


A Self-Prep Course

  • -Schedule & tracking system
  • -65+ 90 minute pre-recorded lectures
  • -500+ practice questions

  • _

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Spaced Learning Course


Part-time Prep

  • -Schedule & tracking system
  • -65+ 90 minute pre-recorded lectures
  • -500+ practice questions
  • -10 hours of 1-on-1 private tutoring
  • -Tailored schedule to fit needs of a full-time student or worker

  • _

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AMCAS Prep Course


A Self-Prep Course

  • -7 lectures
  • -Sample PS essays
  • -Sample DA essays
  • -Sample activities essays
  • -Sample secondary essays

  • _

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Bar none, The MCAT Disciples has the best content videos on the market.


Wish I’d have known about ya'll before doing TPR.

519 scorer farheezydabeezy, via

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In this informational lecture, Laureano will describe in detail the contents of the MCAT exam.

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Not looking for an MCAT prep course, but still want to learn how you can do well on the MCAT? It is a tough route, but it is doable!

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It is not rocket science...People who take our course do well on the MCAT!!!

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